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Leader in the production and sampling of PCBs

Via M. Angelini, 18 - 27028 San Martino Siccomario (PV)

Quality Printed Circuits

We have been offering our customers samples of excellent quality printed circuits at competitive prices and prompt delivery since 1977. The printed circuits that we produce are focused on the satisfaction of the most varied requirements, and may be single-sided or double-sided, multilayer (up to twenty-four layers) or special, from flexible to rigid-flex, from Metal-Core to AlluFless: in a few words, we have studied, designed and created prototypes of printed circuits for every need.

The constant use of vanguard technologies has allowed us to tackle and promptly resolve whatever technological development problems that may occur in this field: this has allowed our staff to diversify the production of printed circuits so as to obtain even the most unique product.

We boast a prompt sample delivery service: a delivery can also be scheduled within only 24/48 hours for the most urgent requests. If you are interested in asking us for a quote for samples of printed circuit boards of our production, you can send us a request by filling in the form provided in the appropriate section: To access the section 'request printed circuit quotes' click here.

The evolution of the PCB: today, printed circuits are no longer simple supports on which to assemble electronic components, they are electronic components that contribute actively to the good functioning of the apparatus (it is enough to consider that to ensure the integrity of the signals at high speed, the tracks of the printed circuit must ensure a controlled and extremely constant impedance: for example the case of a PCB made on FR4, Teflon, ceramic with an accurate control of the sizing; again, to mention another situation, the printed circuit behaves as a heat sink contributing decisively to keep the junction temperature of the power components low).

In Baselectron we are able to produce printed circuits on aluminium, Metalcore AlluFless, (a technique that allows to provide a flexible printed circuit board with flexible connections): in over 30 years we have acquired a vast experience and expertise on special materials, which allows us to propose ourselves as a partner in the engineering phase of any kind of printed circuit board.

Campionature urgenti

Prototypes and Urgent samples: for us, the production, samples and prototyping of printed circuits has always been the main corporate mission. Since a printed circuit is the main component of electronic equipment, we know how important it is to have it available in the fastest time possible.

This awareness has led us to take to extremes the promptness of delivery times, which can at times, be processed even in a single day. In a world that moves in whirls, our offer of an urgent printed circuit sample service acquires a further added value.

As anticipated, thanks to our competency, professionalism and vanguard plants, we are able to guarantee extremely reduced delivery times: a delivery can be scheduled in only 24/48 hours for the most urgent requests.

How our printed circuits are produced: the prototypes, the samples and the pre-production of printed circuits that we offer are produced along the same lines dedicated to both sample and the final series production: for this reason, we can guarantee a high standard of quality. Nevertheless, we offer to assist our customers from the sample phase to the set of printed circuits, under every aspect, without overlooking any details.

In addition to our production plants, which already include and cover all the phases of construction of the printed circuit, we can also boast the collaboration with qualified Asian partners, what makes us able to satisfy any requirement in terms of timing, quality and price; this in fact allows us to move from sampling to the production of large series of printed circuits without additional costs for tooling.

Obviously, the printed circuits of our production are all UL approved and are guaranteed by a quality system certified by TUV/.

Baselectron: produzione, campionatura e vendita PCB