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Professional, multilayer and special printed circuit boards - single layer, double layer, flexible PCB

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Very urgent samples service
Urgent prototypes
Baselectron produces single and double layer flex-pcb for various applications
The solution for lighting and automotive sectors; high quality, low heat.
Flex-pcb with aluminum heatsink
Special products for very particular applications
Pcb for special applications
Multilayer pcb with blind and buried holes and with controller impedance
Multilayer pcb
Pcb Planar transformer are very succesfull
Planar Transformers
Baselectron is qualified in Flex pcbs and Rigid-Flex pcbs too
Rigid-flex pcb
We usually produce samples in 2-4 working days and preseries in 2 weeks
2 Layers pcb
Useful pcb when holes diameter, tracks and isolations are very critical
Blind and buried holes pcb
PTF technology allow us to solve some EMC problems.
PTF pcb
We are able to produce all kind of pcbs that need to dissipate heat.
Hi-Power and Led-Lighting pcb
Baselectron produces pcb for radiofrequency/microwave using PTFE or Ceramic materials
Radio frequency pcb

Some printed circuit terminology
IL circuito stampato = (PCB or, or "printed circuit board")

Nowadays, commercially in Italy in many cases, reference is made to the printed circuit board with the initials "CS".

"Pcbs", is more international, obviously from the term "Printed Circuit Board"; more rarely the symbol "PWB", is also used which stands for "Printed Wiring Board".

Sometimes incorrectly, it tends to be called "PCBS" also a complete electronic circuit, i.e. the one constituted by a printed circuit full of electronic components which have already been welded.

The printed circuits are also called differently depending on their characteristics; in particular, it means printed circuits even in these terms:

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PCB Monofaccia, Monolayer, Single side, Monorame

PCB single laye

The term pcb Monofaccia, monolayer, Single side and Monorame always refer, even in different ways, what we commonly call printed circuit board a single side, or a PCB with a single layer of tracks.

PCB Doppiolato, Bilayer, Double side, Doppiorame

PCB double layer

The terms double face Doppiolato, bilayer, Double side and Doppiorame indicate a printed circuit with the tracks on both surfaces of the PCB.

PCB Multlayer, MLB

PCB multilayer

The term multilayer printed circuit (also called Multilayer or MLB) refers to printed circuits with additional layers of internal tracks on the PCB

PCB solder resist


The term solder resist the protective layer is indicated (usually green) that limits the welding only of the pads and also leaves uncovered the comb connectors and mechanical contacts. Often for convenience, the term "solder resist" is abbreviated with simply "solder".